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  • What do I need to do to become a client with Recover Wellness?
    To become a client, simply login and make an appointment and then complete our patient intake forms. We strongly encourage you to check out our website to understand how we help you. The only requirement from you is a dedication and investment in your health. Nothing happens overnight enabling your body to heal itself is a process that will take time.
  • What types of conditions can you help with?
    We have successfully helped patients manage a variety of conditions both acute and chronic. Our goal is to help you attain optimal health and we can provide support with multitude of conditions.
  • I’ve been suffering so long, seen many health practitioners and have paid a lot of money out of pocket without feeling any better. Can you cure me?"
    No human being can cure another human being; only your body can heal itself. We support your innate healing mechanisms by doing the investigative work that will lead us to the factors and root cause that started you on the road to developing that syndrome or diagnosis that you’re presently labeled with. There was a progression of steps that developed into the condition and there is a progression of steps that leads you back to health. The desire must come from within you. It makes no difference if the practitioner wants the best for you if that is not your goal. You must be willing to help yourself first without reservation. As an adult you are responsible for the choices that bring you health or disease. Without having learned healthy lifetime habits, how can you make the correct choices? It is not possible; our goal is to educate and support you.
  • How much is this going to cost me?
    Well, how much value do you place on being healthy, and how much do you hate being sick? We strive to find ways to help your body to heal itself. Good health is priceless. Bad health costs much more in all ways than good health and it keeps getting worse. The choice is yours. Would you choose New Clothes, a Fancy Car, or a Vacation Trip, over good health? If the answer is yes, your priority is not health.
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