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therapies-main-pageNatural Therapies for Your Unique Needs
At Recover Wellness we utilize a variety of therapies to help you attain optimal health. In order to treat you as an individual, we conduct a careful assessment and then select the combination of therapies to address your specific symptoms and set you on the path to wellness.

1st Line Therapies
If you’re struggling with high cholesterol, heart disease, elevated blood pressure, low energy levels, or chronic inflammatory conditions, Metagenics 1st Line Therapies may offer hope. We utilize their high-quality nutritional supplements and customizable, specialized lifestyle change programs to create a tailored program that addresses your specific needs. 1st Line Therapy has three customizable programs—that can be used alone or in some combination based on your needs—to address reversing metabolic syndrome, healthy weight loss, and detoxifying your body of chemicals and pollutants. Learn more

Pain Therapy
If you’ve tried other types of pain management and not found relief, our pain therapies may be just what you need to help alleviate issues stemming from arthritis, sports injuries, joint inflammation, back and knee problems, or trauma related injury. After a careful assessment, we will determine what combination of treatments most effectively helps you deal with issues such as wound healing, scar tissue formation, nerve function in damaged tissues, joint pain, and more. Learn more