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Blood Microscopy

blood-microscopyUncover the Message of Your Blood
Used to assess cell function and various processes occurring in your blood stream, blood microscopy is a key service we use to develop an overall understanding of your general health. There are a number of cell-related types of information that can be gleaned by taking a tiny sample of  blood and viewing it under a high power microscope. We look at a live blood sample and can see the relative freedom of movement of the individual cells, as well as the cell structure and form. We look at a dried blood sample and can see the impact of your major health issues from birth.

Blood microscopy helps us determine:

  • Amount of fibrin threads in the blood
  • Size and shape of the blood cells
  • Activity of red and white blood cells
  • Presence of parasites, mold, yeast or fungus
  • Presence of bacteria
  • Presence of various crystalline forms, i.e. uric acid

This is much more comprehensive and relevant information than the conventional medical lab blood test that just reports cell counts. We then use the results of this examination to help identify your state of health and begin crafting your care plan.

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