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BioEnergetic Screening

bioenergetic-screeningMeasure Cellular Health with Bioenergetic Screening
Understanding the state of your health at a cellular level is the first step in getting your body on a healing path. Bioenergetic Screening is a valuable diagnostic tool and non-invasive procedure we use to measure your body’s electrical response to energy stimulus.

Healthy cells and unhealthy cells emit distinctly different signals that can be measured in relation to the body’s organ systems. We use these signals to screen for cellular imbalances that indicate a variety of health issues, such as:

  • Cellular energy deficiencies
  • Vitamin and mineral energetic deficiencies
  • Energetic presence of toxic chemicals
  • Energetic condition of organ systems
  • Energetic presence of food or environmental allergies

We use this information to create a care plan customized to your unique health goals and needs.

Call 408-620-1166 or email Bevorly  to schedule your bioenergetic screening and initial consultation.