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services-mainGuiding you toward optimum health
The human body has a powerful innate ability to heal itself. The body knows what to do to heal itself when given the proper support. At Recover Wellness, our mission is to help those struggling with chronic disease or other ailments understand their state of health—or progression toward disease—and show them how to achieve a state of wellness.

Through the integration of available conventional medical lab tests (lagging indicators) and alternative tests (leading indicators), we gather the evidence needed to create the plan for the individual who needs help.

So, whether you want to lose weight, better manage stress, are battling illness, or a host of other conditions, we can develop a comprehensive plan to meet your overall health goals.

Bioenergetic Screening
Trauma and disease processes alter the body’s energetic fields and can be matched with the electromagnetic signatures of remedies to determine which ones will be effective. This reveals the internal conditions that need attention. Bioenergetic Screening is non-invasive and quick, and it gives the evidence needed to guide selection of what the body wants to work on first. There are usually a number of complaints the patient is aware of but they must be treated in the correct order. Learn more

Blood Microscopy
By understanding exactly what’s happening in your blood stream, we can develop a unique and effective care plan. Learn more

Weight Loss
Our weight loss programs often utilize two key services: Body Composition Screening and DNA Genetique Weight and Wellness Profile testing. Body Composition Screening provides key data such as fat content, lean body mass and intracellular water levels, and is used to identify what areas can benefit most from weight loss. DNA Genetique Weight and Wellness Profile utilizes your DNA blueprint to determine your appropriate nutritional intake and most efficient exercises to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Learn more

Lab Analysis
We utilize conventional medical lab blood panels, which assess your liver, kidney, and metabolic parameters, to create an individualized baseline that allows us to create a treatment plan and monitor your progress toward your wellness goals. Learn more

Hormone Balancing
Using blood, saliva, and urine testing, we can determine how your chemical messenger system is functioning and identify how to correct hormone imbalances, which is essential in fixing problems with menstruation, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, stress reactions and much more. Learn more

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