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Welcome to our Practice. For those of you who have the desire, are proactive with your health and have interest in natural therapies, information as well as wanting support with your own healing journeys, we offer many options to individualize programs specific to you. We all are different on many levels. For example, our characters, bio-chemistry, physiology,bio-energetics are all slightly different from one person to the next, although there are some ways that we are similar.

Science has grown to the point that with the use of these various technologies, more and more of the mysteries about how human beings are designed to function, are being discovered everday. We know that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. There are many factors that either affect the various mechanism in a positive or negative way. Our intention is to act as a detective and do the research to find what are the causes of the uncomfortable states of being that we find ourselves in, regardless of whether it is an acute or chronic condition. With this information and your active participation, and cooperation,we will design a plan together. We hope to activate your inherent healing mechanisms that you were born with. This can be a long process, that will not be sucessful if you are not commited to supporting your body in healing itself with the best lifestyle choices. Our goal is wellness for you.

Call us for more information or an appointment today. Remember your “Health is your True Wealth.”

Office Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

By Appointment Only:
Office Number (408) 620-1166