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NES Total Wellness System

Discover the only system that addresses all three critical factors for human health and total wellness, allowing you to correct all aspects of the body: its information, energy, and purpose.

There is no greater doctor than the human body itself; however, how can we assist the healing mechanisms within us if we cannot see from where the problem is originating? Like blood labs inform us what is going on in the biochemical pathways, the Total WellNES system shows what is going on with our energetic pathways that carry information and instructions to our cells. The operations of all the cells combined produces the human body field, which can only be viewed with the Total WellNES cannot see this field normally, but ProVision enables you to actually see the human body field.

ProVision is the software component of the Total WellNES system, and the scanning is completed by the miHealth device. Together the system allows you to see more than symptoms to the distortions in the human body field. Once found, the energy blockages can be cleared using the miHealth device to activate the clearing process and infoceuticals on a daily basis to solidify the change toward the journey to vibrant health. This process is what takes place during acupuncture as well, but this therapy is non-invasive and you can evaluate the changes in the human body field with continued scanning.
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For a more in-depth tour of the Total WellNES System including the 4Rs with a demo of both ProVision and the miHealth, check out this 30 minute video.