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What my patients are saying…

Bevorly you are a true healer and medical detective. You are in touch with your intuition and you listen to what I am saying about my body and how I feel. You really understands how to read my symptoms and then search for the root of its cause. Thank you so very much for helping me. I have been to many “allopathic” professionals and they didn’t take the time to connect and listen to me. My strange symptoms were of no real interest to them and they seemed to discount most of them as not important. In fact my experience was that most had a standard set of cookie cutter treatments that were one size fits all. My situation and symptoms did not respond to their cookie cutter protocols. You are a breath of fresh air. No cookie cutter treatments; instead yours are tailored for me. I feel like we are partners working together to peel away the old layers/symptoms and revealing my good health. Thank you so much!!!” -Betsy (Belmont, CA 94002)

“I am a male about to begin my 8th decade of living. To my great joy, I have not needed to visit an MD in more than 10 years. I have been able to consult with Bevorly to deal with my health issues. She has helped me find and apply remedial actions that have supported my enjoyment of good health.

I think these are the reasons for this positive experience:

  • Bevorly has a clear calling to the healing arts.
  • She has 35+ years of high level nursing experience dealing with patients from premature babies to the aged near the end of life.
  • Her kindness and knowledge makes her patients feel at ease.
  • She is an optimist with powerful beliefs.

She constantly searches for additional tools to apply, knowing that medicine has been practiced in unique ways around the globe for thousands of years. The wisdom thus developed can be useful if one is willing to take advantage of it.

Each available tool can be critically important to achieving wellness. One tool will simply not suffice.

All available approaches are needed to be applied in combination.”