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Meet Bevorly Berk, N.P.

bevorly-lucidBevorly Cain-Berk has been a healthcare provider since 1976. Her interest in natural medical practices was originally inspired as a child by her grandmother’s knowledge and use of holistic medicine. She had the misfortune of serious health issues throughout childhood and into her adult years, which were complicated by damaging traditional medical practices.

She knows the frustration of using traditional western medicine to temporarily suppress symptoms but has found healing through the use of holistic alternatives. These experiences led her to view the medical field with a different perspective and eventually open her own holistic practice.

Ms. Berk worked to put herself through college and completed her Bachelor of Nursing from Hunter College. She went on to complete two additional years at the Stonybrook campus of the University of New-York to receive her Master of Nursing, specializing in women and children’s health.

Ms. Berk spent several decades gaining experience in large New York hospitals, received training in Best Practices, and became a trainer and monitor of Best Nursing Practices. She also worked in several specialty fields, including the ER, burn unit, labor and delivery, pediatric ICU, and neonatal ICU. She has practiced high-level nursing for over 35 years, first as an RN and then as a Nurse Practitioner.

In order to stay on top of advancements in her field, Ms. Berk attends an average of twenty seminars each year devoted to the leading integrative medical practices and developments in the field. The wide variety of contacts that she’s made through these conferences provides an extensive reference of specialized holistic doctors who may be called upon if needed. Her occasional use of outside specialists is part of her belief that all available resources will be used in achieving wellness.